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Your Ambition
Do you know what you want to do?

Is your career all mapped out or like the higher percentage of the population, are you still deciding which path you wish to take?

You don’t have to have all the answers?
People think they must have all the answers by the time they leave education or changing careers, feeling the pressure of not knowing.

Do not worry!
It’s great if you have a clear vision and know the route you wish to take, but equally fine if you are unsure and still deciding. You may even start a route and at some point, decide this is not for you. All of this is natural, and it is most definitely okay to change your mind!

You may decide to re-take certain exams, alter the degree you are completing, take up an apprenticeship, re-train or go straight back into the world of work.  All options are right, as long as they are the right one for YOU.

How do I know what is right for me?
What do you like to do and what careers do you like the sound of?  What interests you? What do you know you want in your life? How can we go deeper? Every journey will be different and that is where A.L.L. comes in.  We look to provoking your thinking. To see what excites and motivates you.  We encourage and help you follow and find YOUR AMBITION.

Inspirational Training For ALL…
The courses we cover – that are ALL about YOU

> Your Life’s Objectives
This is where we look at the real, deep down you. Think personally to those values, attitudes and stereotypes that may be influencing you.  There are no right or wrong answers in this session - just opening up to find the genuine goal for you.


> Your Action Plan
Gaining clarity and looking at the end goal in much more detail.  To ensure it is developed enough to keep it alive for the long term.  This is where we look to find what really matters to you, that which creates a passion and conviction to make it happen.


> Using Your Time Wisely
Here, we look at techniques to improve making the best use of your time - a key skill in any part of your life.  Considering what might be getting in the way or stopping you using your time as productively and effectively as possible.


> Evaluating Your Success
Once you have your action plan, have decided the route you wish to take and started to follow it, you want to be sure you are meeting your mile stones and reviewing them.  Measuring the obvious and less evident to clarify the route is the right one and continually gain a greater perspective.

> The Components of Your Business
This is where we think about the areas of the business in an open-minded, proactive way. Starting with where we are right now in finances; sales & marketing; management; customers and how it is lead. Assessing how and what needs to be considered and implemented to prepare for future growth.Living in the real world, means that any business can have challenges internally and externally.  By purposefully thinking about them, facing up to them, committing to resolving them, within an agreed timeframe and prevention plan. Both individuals and systems progress, improve and advance. For any organisation to maintain their success, they need processes in place, to ensure they perform the necessary work predictably each time.  The procedures need to be reviewed, standards maintained, responsible person agreed, system tested, detailed and advanced in a purposeful way.


> Standing out from the Crowd
It’s about taking control of yourself - by choice or by chance. You may be in a leadership position and thinking “I’m not really a leader”. The truth, however, is that you are in a leadership position and whatever choices and decisions you make impact the future direction of the business. Your decisions impact the business and they impact the people working for the business. People look for leadership. They expect it. They count on it.


So how do you want to lead? You work at your best when operating from core strengths and values, doing what you believe is of the upmost importance. Your life’s aim is discovering the process that you will help you define who you are at your best and what is important to you. This is critically important because when you are clear and excited about who you are, where you are going and why you and why you can be your best, make better choices and live your life with more joy, direction and intention.

Living with your innermost desires and core beliefs, it is about a life that feels right living a happy fulfilled life that is meaningful to you. A life in which your business or career plays a significant role. Your life’s aim is your driving force as it goes deep and the desire to get the most out of your life and create a remarkable business or career in the process. It is that, which gives you a sense of direction and purpose, motivates you to get up in a morning and sustains your energy levels over the long haul.

Is Your Life’s Aim Really Important?
If you wish to control your life, rather than your life controlling you then yes, it is important to gain deep fulfillment and joy. You need to understand your feelings and emotions the part that takes you through a life of greater pleasure and happiness. The real you. Your core values, beliefs and desires shape your life’s aims but most people don’t understand their core values. We’ve all known people who have worked towards a high level of achievement only to find that, having reached it, their success is hollow and unsatisfying. We are not reaching emotionally the levels we need to reach.

It’s About You
Your life’s aim is unique to you. It’s about what you truly want for yourself, not about the obligations you have to others, and it’s not about what others expect of you.

Think only about yourself and what you want your life to be like. That’s difficult for many of us. We are accustomed to putting others first or taking responsibility for them. For the moment, let go of all these responsibilities. Indulge yourself and think in terms of your own self-interest. Think in terms of daydreams and reach for what you want. Your aim is a matter of discovery, not invention. You don’t create your life's aim – it already exists within you.



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