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Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert website has plain english information on accessing the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme (also known as employee 'Furlough Support' aka getting 80% pay for working from home}. The advice so far is be proactive and talk to your employer about your situation.

There are a lot of worried people at the moment who are going from the security of regular paid work to the anxiety of not knowing where the next pay check is coming from. For some this has been a way of life, working freelance, as a sole trader or running a small business but for the majority it will be like wandering into the unknown, blindfolded without a sense of smell. Hopefully by spreading this information it will go some way to helping you on to the right track.


There is a lot of information for a variety of situations so follow the link and keep scrolling to find the relevant information to your situation.

Other websites are available but so far the Money Saving Expert is the most accessible...



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